Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Lebanese Yara Chases The Gulf Money! She Was GREAT

Yara started off his career in 2005 promising something different, focus on good music and lyrics, she also made a point of puking fun of the fashion show singers. Then four years later, she made her career about money and making it. Of course, she went to the Gulf, released a beautifully created album in the local dialect. Then she got to judge some singing show for the people of the Gulf, and thee wedding concerts came.

In very short years, she has released nothing exciting for her broad audience, and she seems to only sing for the Gulf now. It's not selling out, because this is her job....but disappointing it's indeed. Yara is making a new song and a music video as well. She still has the voice, we all love, the warm persona and the conservative dressed songstress. But she is not making music for her early fans--maybe that thee fans are not paying the bills for the fancy lifestyle Yara enjoys.      

Update, when I wrote this, she had not yet released her Lebanese pop album, she really made a great album in every sense that showed us she still has it. You just do not get sick of the album. It's lyrcis, music and production keep it interesting and upbeat.

Yara - Making Of يارا في تصوير كليب أجيك و لا تجيني مع المخرج فادي حداد

مشهد حصري من كليب يارا لأغنية "أجيك"

Haifa Kamal: The Palestinian Mathematician Who Rocks

Alaa Wardi is moving away slowly from doing cover songs with the human beat box he has become. The viral guy who makes so many cool hit videos and songs in so many languages is now getting into the musician chair. See the song that he composed and produced for Haifa Kamal. She is a Palestinian artist whose comfort zone are in folk, pop and Arabic vocals. She is a citizen of Jordan

An indie song that brings warmth to this cold season. She could that thanks to her heavenly voice that makes the cold go away.

As for the artist, she has a degree in match and a bachelor in music/Arabic singing.
 Haifa is a professional actress, as she starred many Jordanian theatre plays, and played the role of Palestinian Poet Fadwa Tuqan in a T.V series about the unforgettable poet.

Haifa has performed as a solo vocalist with many professional Musical groups and orchestras locally and internationally, such as Baladna (Kamal Khalil) , Rum (Tareq Al Nasser),Razz (Aziz Maraka), National music conservatory orchestra, Amman Symphonita, Amman Arabic string Quartet, and many others.

 She represented Jordan as a professional singer and actress in different countries such as Egypt, Tunisia, Syria, Oman, Kuwait, Lebanon, Cyprus and Scotland. Haifa is one of the main vocalists in the Jordanian Female musical group NAYA.

Haifa Kamal - Denya (Music by Alaa Wardi)

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Ahmed Ezz Rejects DNA Test Becuase He Is The Father Of Zeina's Twins!

Zeina and Ahmed Ezz made headlines when they met for the first time since her return from the US with twins and claims that Ezz is the father of her children. Zeina also claims to have married the actor in secret before heading to the US for their honeymoon!

An Egyptian judge ordered the playboy Ahmed Ezz and deadbeat father to take the DNA test. Ezz can make all those things go away if he took the test. He claims innocence and that Zeina is not his wife. Which makes him not the father of the twins. Now, if he is right why would not he take the DNA test.

He did fail to go to the clinic to take the test, Zeina and her beautiful twins did go and took the test, now Ahmed Ezz rejects to do the same. Instead this jerk is now changing the conversation, one time though his attorney he says "I will only take the test in the United States", he is asking the court to let him travel to the States to take the test. And he is now suggesting that he wants to take a peek at Zeina's medical records while she was in the States. He is also now saying who paid for all her fees while she was in the States? He is saying that she did not have enough money to begin with, so there must be another guy paying for it?

What a class a$#hole this guy. So deep down he knows he is the father--why else he would say not to the DNA. But since this is Egypt, he might restore to tradition of character assassination. Hires some guy to go on TV and tell folks he is the father and then submit a fake DNA and boom, justice has been served.  

Let's see of the justice system in Egypt takes this seriously and forces Ahmed Ezz to take the test. this way we will know for squire. No matter how long this takes, Ahmed Ezz will be shown to be a lair, and a person with little integrity. He could have avoided all this by doing the right thing, which is either say yes, they are my kids or just take the DNA test right away.  

The Ridiculous Cumin Song By Shakira. When Sexy Goes Wrong

spices are back in season and this is why a singer with the name Shakira picked cumin to sing honor with her latest song. It's a high school song fashioned after sexed up high schools outfits. It's a ridiculous song meant to entertain the sleazy guy. I have no idea what to make of this assault on art.

Watching this music video is like being artistically raped by the folks who brought the song to life. I am sorry for this young women's family they have to go through this. A sad song for people with low self-esteem. She calls herself a cat and dances suggestively and puts on a sex show that lacks class or to be blunt morals.

I do not know who will find this song entertaining, it's just a terrible no good song and that's without seeing the music video that makes it so much worse. Keep on mind people use cumin to avoid becoming gassy, and this is the feeling you get from the dancers.  

El Kamoun - Shakira الكمون - شاكيرا