Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Welcome Back Talal Salama !"Sukkar Janabak" 2014 Album | طلال سلامة ... سكر جنابك

He is not going to be doing a music video, but some of us are not ready to move on from their most beloved Saudi artist from the late 90s. This is Talal Salama time, he returns with a new album, with much colors, energy, and styles. He still the same voice that you loved, the same charming performance you won you over.

Sure, his songs are mainly playing for the Gulf, but if that's what it take to hear the man, be it. He is one of the native sons who we know very little about, he does not do media circus. He is sort of a quietly famous guy.

We are getting 13 tracks ending the three year sabbatical--the album is with Rotana who singed Tala for three more years. This is his fifth album with the company, and he is one of the early stars to join the company. This is his Saudi Gulf album where poetry is in the center. The title is about sweetness.

01 - Allah Al Ghani
02 - Allah Yeainik
03 - Anadielek
04 - Ella Hazi
05 - Habibi
06 - Kel Ma Daani Al Shouq
07 - Madry Leah
08 - Mesa Elfol
09 - Rouh Ya Elmajrouh
10 - Sabri Aleak
11 - Sukkar Janabak
12 - Ya Saheb Al Balein
13 - Zael Menni

Talal Salama ... Sukkar Janabak | طلال سلامة ... سكر جنابك

Talal Salama ... Zael Menni | طلال سلامة ... زعل مني

Aaed El Monshed, Iraqi Singer Who Wants To Make Iraqi Music Hot Again

Aaed El Monshed is an Iraqi singer who has performed in the Egyptian House of Opera--the big league for many Arab stars. He is out with a new song, in Iraqi and it feels like an oldie only more hip. This song marks his return to making new music. The song is about the wedding of the lady he loved--he is helpless and he is not the groom.

Aaed was kept away form the music scene due to death in his family and disagreement with a production company.  The Iraqi artist is working overtime to make the Iraqi song hot again in Cairo. He is an old style singer and his voice allows him to do old covers for the likes of Farid Al Atrach and Nazim Al Ghazzaly. Aaed is not to happy with the neglect of Iraqi songs.

Farah Mahbobey - Aaed El Monshed فرح محبوبى - عائد المنشد

Listen: Bthsel ktear - Yousef Arafat / بتحصل كتير - يوسف عرفات @_YousefArafat

The young Arab Idol runner up Yousef Arafat seems to be spending a lot of time at the gym, and so much time at his hairstylist. All is good, but a distraction from his true talent. The lovable singer from Jordan is singing Egyptian. It sounds fake enough that you would say Yousef stick to what you know buddy.

Romance is meant to be believable, this one starts off on the wrong foot. I guess the media is a lot more excited about this track that I am. I just do not love it when talented artists mimic other talented artists. Be yourself,--everyone else is taken.
Bthsel ktear - Yousef Arafat / بتحصل كتير - يوسف عرفات

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

The Egyptian Army Too Busy Making Songs About Itself (Video)

Boshra finds it the right time to sing for the Egyptian army and endocrine the little ones about how awesome the army is--the army in Egypt is busy backing bread and protecting concerts. Boshra sings for them now and she has a lot of help from lots of little ones whose future remains uncertain.

I guess, I do not see this to be the same army that one the 1973 war--this is the same army that murdered thousands in Rabaa and elsewhere. This is yet another chapter in the hyper nationalist Egypt is experiencing now. We all love Egypt--even if the people who are running shit on us. This is the message. Boshra can go back and stay in her villa and get her special treatment while millions sink in the sea as they try to get out of her beloved Egypt.

The low point is when she sings about the army now allowing terrorists to live in the Sinai--yeah? Them and what army? The army she sings for, cannot get the weapons they need into Egypt, unless Israel allows them to. The good news, this song has been produced by the army for the army, for everyone in Egypt, hop on the next boat out of it.

Elgesh Elmasry - Boshra الجيش المصرى - بشرى