Monday, March 30, 2015

Arab Idol Haitham Khalaily Brings Out The Magic In North America (Video) @HaithamKhalaily

Haitham Khalaily is a talented young man with a strong voice and a good style. He also have a huge fan base that showers him with love and support. They are so proud of him and his songs, they should be. Haitham is also cursed as he tries to tell people he is not Assaf and Assaf is not him. So do not compare him.

If you had your own doubts about Haitham's skills, watch this live video from one of his concerts on his US and Canada tour. Haitham went with one of the hardest Arabic songs to fake, an old classic by the legendary one and the only Um Kalthoum. Al Atalal or the ruins, a song about a past romance. It's like taking a stroll down memory lane that's riddled with ruins of the past.

Haitham feels like an old soul coming from the golden years of Arabic Tarab music to remind us of the good times. He also comes package in a hip fashion that makes the social media falls in love with him as he makes out his path.  

I think he brings a rich texture to the Palestinian voice. Haitham comes from an unconventional background to win the hearts and minds of the Arab community. We need a bit of good news to face the flood of bad news coming from the area, Haitham's arrival to our shores may offer that breath of fresh air that reminds it, home can also brings smiles to our faces.

Will he stop in Washington, DC, I know I would love to interview him and see him perform live.
Haitham khalaily - هيثم خلايلة /Al Atlal -الاطلال/Arab Idol 2015 Canada and U.S.A Tour

Rare Video For Fayrouz Rehearsing For #Palestine "Land Day"

It's not everyday that Legendary diva Fayrouz sings. It's a truly rare opportunity to see her rehearse with her band. This is for her upcoming concert celebrating Land Day for Palestine. For me this is a treat, not only that I like music, I love Fayrouz, but I also happen to come from the Palestinian persuasions.

Fayrouz had many songs for Palestine, she sang for peace, struggle and war. Next to Lebanon, Palestine is important to her and it shows. Amazing work by the orchestra and the choir. Keep on mind, in the most recent concerts for Fayrouz, phones are not permitted and so recording. All that makes this videos nice surprise.

فيديو نادر للسيدة فيروز في تمارين احتفال يوم الأرض | Fayrouz

Sunday, March 29, 2015

WATCH This #Comeback Bahebak - Loai بحبك - لؤي

Loai from the 00's finds it in his heart to give us a music video and a new single. Not sure, but we loved this star more than 11 years ago, and has not had enough of him. Duo to trouble with production companies and contracts, he has been frozen. It took years but Loai is now a free agent so here's his new music video.

Romance is what the story here and the music video shows the pop star at his best. Loai's song is good and a worthy choice in those crowded times. It may not be a great track, but it's really nice. The shy guy returns with a new single and a new album is on the way. Simly, the song is titled "I love you" and there it goes.

The music video is not over the top, simple back-story and a cool Loai getting in the zone.

Bahebak - Loai بحبك - لؤي 

Saturday, March 28, 2015

Will This Interesting Idea Save The Music Industry?

This is something you do not get to see everyday, Libyan native and popular producer of Egyptain pop Hamdi El Shari has really gotten sick of piracy. So he came up with what might be a smart idea to combat the theft of his hard work.

The idea is to sell the album on a 3D glasses, the album will be there, and so will there be a number of music videos, and behind the scenes footage. This I bet China made product will also have Bluetooth so the material can be enjoyed on TV or some devices. The front of the glass will also for the album cover art to be printed. There are headphones, and a screen in that glass.

This sounds like a good idea, it's individual, people won't like to borrow this around, each person would buy one of his own. Commercially this sounds like a goldmine of an idea, this way the artists hope to selll more albums, introduce a cool concept that has never been done anywhere in the world. And to be honest, people would buy the album to just see what's this deal is about.

Questions, how much would this glasses sell for? Will people be able to enjoy their music without having to cover their eyes? driving and walking safety? Hamid seems to be both excited for the concept, and worried as he asked people to pray for him and for this idea. Will other singer copy the idea? And the last question, will Hamid El Shari's album be a good one? His last was in 2006 and it was pretty awesome.

Update, it seems the artist has scraped the idea.

حميد الشاعري -- الالبوم الجديد على شكل نظاره 3d

حميد الشاعري -- الالبوم الجديد على شكل نظاره 3D