Wednesday, May 27, 2015

WATCH: Mesut Kurtis - Convey My Greetings (Waddili) | Live in #Bosnia

Watching these nut-bags who claim Islam as a religion when they are murdering innocent people, it gross. It's refreshing to see another face of Islam with Mesut Kurtis, the rock star who has been singing traditional Islamic songs around the world in such a beautiful way.

The London based artists stopped in Bosnia for a live concert in a packed venue. I love to see none Arabic-speakers excel as they sing in Arabic. This is the quiet man who has been blowing people away with his gracious style, and smooth voice. Even if you do not understand the language, this is still a fun performance to enjoy....thank you and more please...

Mesut Kurtis - Convey My Greetings (Waddili) | Live in Bosnia

Download: Nader Nour 2015 New Album

Singer Nader Nour seems like a great guy, but he might be one of these pop stars whose right place in music has not phased out yet. In other word, in a crowded music scene that makes little money, the winners are the names backed by big name productions.

Luckily though, Nader is able to get a free room to think and to perfect his music. This is what I feel he has just done with the release of his newest album. 12 tracks that took four years of blood and sweat is now out in the market and people are the judges. Nader is better known as a music composer among his peers in pop music. As a singer he has yet to reach the top spot, in Egypt and in few scattered places, he has his fans.

As for the album there are more than a dozen names in music that have collaborated on this album. The release of this album is also the same date his first born, baby girl Lilia.

01 - Easht Leila
02 - Taaba Nafsek Leh
03 - Lea Moamlety
04 - El Nas El Gedaan
05 - Farhet Omry
06 - Metaalaa Bik
07 - Masaala Mahsoma
08 - Kalam Fi El Hob
09 - Esboaa We Zyada
10 - Battalt Atkallem
11 - Oghnya
12 - Fi El Waat El Monaseb

Nader Nour _ 3esht Leila - نادر نور _ عشت ليلة

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Anas Kareem And The Syrian Positive Energy

Anas Kareem plays the piano, but this is why the world knows him. This son of Damascus who is in his late 20s had already released more hits in his very short years than many older pop stars. Original a music arranger who started to do his own songs in 2011. And though his first hit came in 2011, his biggest hit to date has an interesting title. First there was that song that celebrates "The Russian Bullet" as her love took him by surprise and landed deep just like a Russian bullet.

Then comes the song that you will hear below about "positive energy" I like the attitude that refuses to let the war and the political stalemate to give in. I like his voice and the way he performs songs with such mixture or sweet and upbeat flavor.

This is a Syrian song that pleases fans of such style. Anas is going places and he is bringing with him one of the most beautiful songs about a passionate love story despite a raging war.

أنس كريم - الطاقة الإيجابية | Anas Kareem - alta2a alijabeyh

Elissar Finianos Collaborating with @iMarwanKhoury is Like No Other

Marwan Khoury has many fans out there, and the Arab ladies of pop adore working with him. The composer inside him seems to give his best works to them. While they sing their hearts out, he makes sure they sound better with his songs. One lady joins the chorus of his fans, Elissar Finianos will be singing one of his songs and she seems to be energized thinking about it.

Elissar is not a huge name, but she is all on her own, she tends to do classy songs with a different feel, but I think she has not been able to go mainstream. Elissar gave an interview and talked about her upcoming collaboration with Marwan Khoury, her career and few other things.
 إليسار لإيلاف: مع إحترامي لكلّ الفنّانين ولكن لتعاوني مع مروان خوري نكهة خاصّة