Thursday, July 2, 2015

Classical Song "Egypt Is on My Mind" And A Sham Election

Decades ago the only and only Umm Kalthoum has a patriotic song for Egypt "Egypt is on my mind" Now, this was a song that was cool back then, and now it feels relevant again as people of Egypt scramble to save their own country--they are their own worst enemy.

Shahinaz quit the show business years ago, but she did not stop singing, and now she did a wuick cover of this song during an interview with some local Egyptian station...I include both. It's like a love competition who loves Egypt the most. And that's the song and too the reality of the political landscape one power hungry general who poses as morally superior fellow, and the rest of the 51 of Egypt.

Shahinaz - Misr Ellaty Fi Khatery

أم كلثوم - صوت الوطن (مصر التي في خاطري) Om Kolthoum - Voice of Egypt

The Song About Doing Good Deeds Is Surprisingly Good @Mobinil

One of three mobile phone companies operating in Egypt wanted to do a big ad campaign for Ramadan. So they did one and made it not about them. Mobinil opted to do a big ad campaign during the holy month urging people to do small deeds. The commercial came disguised as a long song, but to be frank, this is something nice they are doing.

There are many examples of people doing good deeds to help that community fridge where people stalk it with food, or that community closet or toy shelf for the little ones to enjoy. So many creative ideas to help fellow humans. It could also be a book shelf for people to grab a book and read. You need to do good, we care less about why you do it and more about you actually helping others.

Mobinil featured a song performed by three little known artists who preach a well-known message. The young artists gather people around them to sing and call on people to do good because it's good karma. I usually do not like to give companies free press, but I did not mind this once. This year's message comes in time, always together.

أغنية موبينيل الكاملة #فاعل_خير رمضان 2015 – Mobinil Ramadan Song

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Egyptian Dude Cross-Dresses And Dances Like Ballerina (Video)

In some random neighborhood in Egypt, some guy dressed like a ballerina and danced his tail off to some loud music. This is so unreal and so random but props to the guy who joined in the party and danced along that dude.

I think some people were confused how could such a thing happen? I know even in Western countries male Ballerinas are a joke. This took place in "Al Mojama'a Al Khamis" and it looks like a big party took place as more people joined in the dance. Little is known about this ballerina, he might be up to something.

شاب يرتدى زى باليرينا ويؤدى حركات راقصة بالتجمع الخامس

George Zougheib Returns With An Age Inappropriate (Yet Great) Song

Few years ago, George Zougheib was a little chubby boy with a gifted voice that was discovered at a young age. Now he is a teen and still held to his nice voice. He is still loosely wrapped as well, I love his voice for real. He has so many years of experience without having to be old.

For his music video he brings horses and ladies in jeans and short tees. I do not know what the kid had to be sexualized like that. Why cannot he just do something else? He is singing for another little girl that he has a crush on and the song really makes him sound like he is 50 years of age. The song is about having had it with pain and distance.

Why cannot kids just be kids? Why do they have to live romantic stories and feel that they have to appeal to the old base. Then her father finds out about this love story and kicks him out of the horse stable.

Make no mistake this is a heavy song, those who like Tarab music will cheer. I just think he is too young for this kind of music video. He has a strong voice and it seems to get better with time. The music for George's song is pretty amazing.
George Zougheib Me7taj El Wafa جورج زغيب محتاج الوفى