Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Leaked! New Song By Elissa And Marwan Khoury (Audio) "Ta3bani Mennak"

Ta'aban Meenak was suppose to be one more song on Elissa's latest album released last month, but it was not included because the composer Marwan Khoury had a disagreement with Rotana and asked them not to include the song on Elissa's album. The two remain friends. It remains unclear who leaked the song or for what purpose. I imagine, Elissa and Marwan both have copies, the studio has one and perhaps Rotana....who has some to gain and a lot to lose is yet to be determined.

Marwan Khoury is a hit-maker and as they dub him, the complete artist who sing and compose and write lyrics. He needs no fame more than he already has. This is a great song, and had it been on Elissa's album it would have been one of the three good songs on it.

Elissa did a good job being less Elissa and more capable vocalist. This is Elissa like you have never heard her before. She sounds like a vocalist made for Tarab songs, a real talent and not a one trick pony like Elissa is becoming more like. This is a great song to hear live as it requires acting out what one is singing. I hope some other artist picks this song and do it justice.

 Elissa - Ta3bani Mennak اليسا - تعبانة منك

The Hottest Ice Bucket Challenge By Maria Nalbandian #IceBucketChallenge

Maria had a concert in Lebanon and she wore some interesting outfit, by both being revealing but all covered. Hear the audience roar as she talks to them about what she is about to do. The Armenian from Lebanon artist took the challenge and the internet is not ready to quit her.

I do not know if she needed these screaming fans....but to her credit she wore protective clothes to avoid being covered with cold water. Maria Nalbandian has not aged like you would think she would. she shot to fame ten years ago, faded away for some time, walked on cake for a bit, got in trouble then she came up once more.

Maria Nalbandian #IceBucketChallenge in live concert Beirut Lebanon

Rabih El Zein Wins Mr. Lebanon. Boy Toy!

Lebanon may not have a president, but sure thing she has its Mr. Lebanon ready to go. He is a good looking fellow. And he seems to be happy about being the prettiest boy in the room. He says it took him two months to prepare for that thing. He thinks Mr. Lebanon is only the beginning.

Rabih El Zein took home the title, I am so happy to see not only the women of Lebanon are asked to show off their hood looks. His next thing is taking part of a contest in Turkey. Rabih is good guy he is well spoken and I think he has future on TV.

Double major in theater and media, he likes to have a good time, but he also likes basketball.
ملك جمال لبنان ربيع الزين لإيلاف: اللقب ما هو إلّا البداية

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Those Brown-Nosing Egyptian Entertainers Deserve To Live Under Dictatorship!

See the A list entertainers from Egypt pose with the army

Just watch them release one song after another praising the army and it's lovely army leader General Sisi, who has never met a a massacre he did not like. Now, the entertainers all falling in line behind him singing hims praises. They sing for the second revolution but not the first one. Le'ts be clear, the main artists in Egyptian music did not sing for the Jan 25th revolution, But they all came swinging for the second revolution (aka coup)

They are singing about their history and past glories, but have no idea that the future is what matters, and they just have ruined it for everyone else. I love how this song, calls the brotherhood a minority--forgetting off course that minorities have won the past six fair elections that took place in Egypt. The issues with such thinking, is that they fall in love with persons, not the process. Meaning democracy is a process and it's hard to like, but when a charming and soft spoken dictator raises, the people of Egypt cheer him on. and remember 30 years later their original sin. 

I thought entertainers like Medhat Saleh and Rihm Abd El Hakeem were all for freedom of speech, but they were among the first to usher a new ear of intimidation and repression. Of course those practices come wrapped in the flag of nationalism and Arab Unity. I love how they sing for Arab unity, but the new government is choking the Gaza Strip, jailing Palestinians, Syrians and Yemenis for no crime they have committed.

The humor in all this, the army targeted the brotherhood first, second they gutted the liberals, and now they are going after the Al-Azhar and the other parties that does not endorse the arm's practices.

I remind you, most of those singers who are praising the army were the same ones who sucked up to Mubrak, and now they are coming back for the encore.
مصر بتحلم - مدحت صالح وريهام عبد الحكيم