Monday, August 3, 2015

The Most Outdoorsy Arabic Music Video By Sherif Naser

Get ready, there's a new Egyptian star who wants to make godly music. I love the bike in the music video, the tour around town and in nature. Will he ever sing? Wait he is about enter a store....and when will he start singing....he just did. Sherif Naser is that name you should know, he likes to climb mountains.

a worship sing from a guy who likes to look sharp in casual talking in nature. I like his voice, the material is good. This is the kind of songs Egypt can agree on now, praise the lord. He is not short on quality talent, but he chose to release a song about the almighty. He is a biker, and wears a hamlet. No clue where they filmed, but it's a place I would like to see. Fishing and camping, not too many Arab stars made that kind of music video....solitude.

The drumming bit is pretty rad, but it does not climax.

Sherif Naser - Esmak Maktoub / شريف ناصر - أسمك مكتوب

Sadly, Moustafa Amar Releases Another Disappointing Song "Eyon Mashala"

Can we still teach an old dog new tricks? Not many would say yes, and those who say yes, know it will take some time. This is the feeling I got listening to yet another sub-par song by the wonder boy of the 90's pop Moustafa Amar.

The sad reality, this is his second single this summer and not one good hit. Same old crap and club music that has been tired since a decade ago. I like the stuff Amar did, but I think it's becoming harder for him to maintain his position as a lead pop star. He once was the number one artists in sales and in concerts. But he has been nowhere to be seen for about a decade.

He tried to work with new crew, still it does not look good and it does not sound that exciting. If he is trying to do songs for the younger folks--maybe they like this song I do not know. But the fans who know him best (and familiar with his amazing hits), are not impressed.

He does not have to retire, should he try something different? Join a hip band? Be a judge on one of these singing competitions? Or perhaps, work with the old crew who loves his past perfromances, and want to inject some fresh air into his career.

Sunday, August 2, 2015

Trash Man Finds Love With Dounia Batma

Dounia Batma is celebrating the release of one more music video for her. A song with a catchy title and perhaps a fresh beat. Dounia Batma'a love interest is a trash man, a busboy and more. She is also singing for Bahrain, UAE, Saudi, Kuwait Egypt and Oman. He is a good looking guy for sure. I like some of the looks Dounia Batma appeared in. I must say, she is not one of my favorite persons.

It's a cheesy music video mean for people with a silly mindset and who spend a great time of deal watching soap-operas. Dounia of this month is doing much better the one from few months ago. Now she seems more focused on her music and less with her dramas and distractions.

The title makes one thinks it's a Moroccan song, but in fact the song is Khaleeji. It's meant for a different generation and so far in one week, it surpassed a million view.  She leaves behind Qatar! This is a big slap on the face.    
مزيان واعر ( كليب ) - دنيا بطمه | Maziane Waer ( Clip ) - Dounia Batma

Saturday, August 1, 2015

He is Back! @AbdelKarimhmdan The Arab Idol In A New Single

I was worried that had Mohamed Assaf not win the title for Arab Idol, Syrian Abdelkarim Hamdan was gonna take it home. But for some unknown person the Syrian vocalist was sent him in the final rounds and Assaf went on to win the title. Abdelkarim Hamdan was so talented, so mature that I worried he would be the winner.

Two and a half years years later, we get to hear a new single by Hamdan and it's worthy of this guys's superstar status as one gifted and flexible entertainer. It's such a perfect treat from this quiet singer. The song is full of nostalgia about love tale like very few. It pays to revisit the past and appreciate the enjoyable moments--even if that love never phased out.

The song surpasses five minutes, which is accomplishment for any young artist. Hamdan has a winner, a song feels authentic and real. The song of Aleppo did not want to do politics on Arab Idol, he did not event want to be with or against anyone, he just wanted to sing. But at the time things were tricky. Hamdan does do opera and he also does sing in Turkish as well as Arabic.  He is a student of Arabic literature, he reads for Nizar Qabbani and Mahmoud Darwich. He also does write his own material and do songs in English. Among his idols? Sabah Fakhri, Pavarotti 

عبد الكريم حمدان - وتذكري (حصرياً) | (Abdelkarim Hamdan - Wtzakari (EXSLUSIVE