Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Godsend Waleed Al Shami Finds The Sweet Spot

Waleed Shami has found the sweet spot. He is an Iraqi hit-maker living in the Gulf, so he has to be nice to the locals. But he is so gifted so, he is certainly welcome over there. Though he is better known for his catchy dance songs, he has a sweet side. I think he is trying to be the man for all seasons. A bit of Majid Al Mohandis too--they arte both from Iraq.

Here's he song about how deep in his knees he is with that new love. Waleed has really occupied all the top spots in music charts, and he has done well for himself and for the artists he works with. He has many things right for him--one is his pronunciation. His sleek look, and incredible hair styles, his warmth but nothing compares to his fine music talent.

The locals love him and the Iraqis cannot escape him. He is certainly a trend-sitter.
وليد الشامي - روض العشق (حصرياً) | 2015

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Here's The First Song I Ever Loved, It was 1997

I think I was a freshman high school when this song by Diana Hadad was released. I was just so in love with this song, it took my breath away. It might be the first song that I connected with emotionally. I knew I was a fan of Diana ever since she did that "Sakin" song....but this song seems to be on the darker side. That was her second studio album and it came in 1997.

It's a love song but in the low point where you do not know where love is. Luckily Diana continues to make music for her fans. Some good, some misses, but she will always be remembered and defined by her first song when she was a young woman...

Diana's vocal performance, passion are out of this world. It just spoke to me, and told me that sometimes people need to learn patience in their quest for that eternal that I have found that eternal love this song still rings true to my soul.

Diana Hadad Ahl El Ashq ديانا حداد - اهل العشق

Sharmoofers: The Stoners Of Egypt Get A Reggae Band @sharmoofers

In the wake of the revolution of January 25th 2011, many cool bands emerged and many of them have managed to survive and meet commercial success. However most of these bands had some kind of political leaning. While the music was alternative and fresh, the themes and the messages were all about change. One band had a different take. The world will know them as Sharmoofers. They seem a lot more like Bowling for Soap feel.

This is an indie band that and never wanted to talk about anything serious, they have no issues to care about and they do not pretend to have an impact on Egyptian youth or leaders. They wanted to make dope music, sick beats and have fun. Sharmoofers has no social message, their motto "music to make people happy"

They sing about random things (and sometimes silly) matters, but they keep it fresh and their music is something else. Most of the time, people do not make sense of what these guys are saying, but they know they like it. They band has their critics too, but they forget that the goal here is to entertain and not to ask people do things differently.

I like how they use a bit of rap, Reggae, and pop to excite people around whatever topic they feel like tackling.  
Sharmoofers - Khamsa Santy Official Video Clip
شارموفرز- أغنية قط وفار - Sharmoofers - Ot w Far

Monday, October 5, 2015

The Late Tunisian Zekra Came Back To Life On The Voice! #MBCTheVoice

The Voice on MBC has four amazing vocalists, pop stars and musicians who represent the top of the food chain. They also get a large share of serious vocalists who may have the voice, but lack in other departments or lack in age.

Enter the stage Hadir, a young singer whose voice reminded the judges and the audience of a beloved legend of Zikra, the capable vocalist who was gunned down more than a decade a go in tragic events. Hadir is different for sure, but her voice has elements that we recall too well form Zikra's voice.

Haidr left a big impression on Sherine who gave her a big hug and she broke in tears upon making that connection. Hadir did chose to do a cover of a tough song by Zikra that is neither well-known or an easy performance. Hadir aced it and finally she chose to join the team of Iraqi Kadem El Saher.

#MBCTheVoice - هدير يوسف – الصدفة خلتنا نحب - مرحلة الصوت وبس