Tuesday, October 9, 2012

King Of Bahrain Beats Up Haifa Wahbe On A Yacht

He is the ruthless king of the Kingdom of Bahrain and she is the pop diva of the Arab world, they met on a private yacht. The king is being sued by the Diva for letting his bodyguards assault the songstress while on the yacht. This story gets weirder as the ruler of Qatar is reported to have interfered and asked the guards to stop, "What are you doing, you animals?" Stop!

The story has been reported by one Lebanese publication

The ruler of Dubai has sent his own private yacht to take Haifa away from the King of Bahrain's yacht. The kind has ruled out the assault and the harassment charges. Haifa maintains close friendship with the rulers of Qatar, Dubai and Bahrain. Prince Moe of Dubai is trying to revolve the problem and stop the lawsuit. According to the site, Haifa will get a lot of gold in exchange for her beating.

It's no secret that politicians and people of power like keeping the company of the gorgeous people, Arabs, Europeans Chinese and Americans are guilty too.

The story is really fishy and not sure if it has legs. If it;s true, the King of Bahrain would has assaulted yet another Shi'ite--this time she is a celebrity.

Haifa MJK - Bokra Bfarjik Official Teaser



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